Carbon Cobra

A Light, Accurate and Reliable Switch Barrel Breakdown Rifle.

Carbon Stock, Interchangeable Carbon Barrel,  Removable Magazine, Bolt with 6 locking lugs and 60° opening

The Carbon Cobra combines all the benefits of a reliable repeating rifle within a single “Switch Barrel” platform. That means you can have several different caliber barrels for the same gun.
The Carbon Cobra is highly accurate, quick and easy to handle. With a lock time of 1.6 milliseconds, the  Carbon Cobra is one of the fastest rifles on the market.
The Cobra, with its carbon stock and carbon barrel is among the most sophisticated rifles you can own. For maximum safety, the Cobra’s bolt head incorporates 6 locking lugs, arranged in two rows of three which maximizes the locking area in the barrel.
The Cobra has a 60° bolt throw with a sturdy finish and elegant appearance. The accuracy of the Cobra’s shooting with factory ammunition is unaffected by barrel temperature.
The Carbon Cobra is a Breakdown rifle. The barreled action and the stock are disconnected simply by undoing two screws which are safely retained in the carbon stock. The Carbon Cobra is delivered with a 90 cm long travel case.