Carbon Cobra Stock
r8 carbon stock

Carbon Cobra Stock

The Carbon Cobra stock is designed to house the Carbon Cobra barreled action with free floating barrel

The Carbon Cobra Carbon Stock weighs 340 grams without the recoil pad and is delivered with a soft recoil absorbing pad which weighs 150 grams.
For each of our rifles we design a stock that distributes the recoil evenly and allows for maximum absorption of the recoil shock in the body of the stock before it reaches the recoil pad.
The Carbon Stock is made of pure Carbon Graphite and absorbs more than 30% of the recoil shock due to the high density of carbon and our structural design of the stock.
The fore-end in the Carbon Stock is made as a shell allowing for free flotation of the barrel. The Carbon Stock is a solid scratch proof structure. Its shape is not affected by varying temperature or humidity and requires no maintenance. Our carbon stocks maintain their shape at – 80c° to +80c°
The Carbon Stock performance is comparable to a heavy bench-rest stock at fraction of the weight due to the physical characteristics of the carbon graphite.

When ordering please specify the barrel diameter