The Carbon Gun

  • is light - that makes is easy to carry
  • shoots accurately with cold or hot barrel
  • has very little recoil, so you can even shoot the heavy calibers with comfort
  • maintain its looks and shape no matter where you take it and how you ttear it

The carbon rifle is very comfortable to carry and shoot.
It weighs about 2.5 kg without scope and due to high density of the carbon graphite and tits structural design it produces very little recoil even with ultra magnum calibers .

All Christensen carbon rifles are delivered with a removable muzzle break to achieve tight grouping on long distance shots and reduce muzzle lift for quick follow up shots.

The Carbon Stock

The carbon stock is a light weight stock made of carbon graphite with rigidity and stability of a bench rest stock.
It maintains its shape in cold, hot and humid conditions. It is scratch proof and is not damaged in extreme hunting conditions.
The carbon stock stiffness reduces the recoil shock by more than 30% in comparison with wood or synthetic stocks. It is non-corrosive and requires no maintenance.

The Carbon Barrels

The carbon barrel Christensen Arms manufactures consists of a high quality steel barrel liner wrapped in radial and axial layers of carbon graphite fiber.
The carbon barrel is light, rigid and quickly dissipates heat; resulting in longevity, durability and successive shot accuracy.
The carbon barrel has no built in residual stresses, and its accuracy is not affected by temperature. It shoot straight – hot or cold and last 25% longer than steel barrel.
Carbon-fiber barrels have a zero coefficient of thermal expansion while steel barrels expand and contract with temperature changes (hot or cold). Since the temperature through the barrel is not uniform, it causes the steel barrel to warp. These effects cause the bullet point of impact to change. Christensen carbon-fiber barrels do not respond to internal or external temperature change, resulting in accuracy shot after shot. No matter how hot or cold the weather is that you are hunting in, your shot accuracy will not be affected.Carbon-fiber barrels add approximately 25 percent to the life of any barrel it is applied to. Independent tests show that the carbon wrap keeps the underlying steel layer approximately 25 percent cooler than a normal steel barrel, which in turn adds to the life of the barrel.

What advantages do carbon-fiber barrels have over steel barrels?

  • Safety – Graphite barrel casing is 3-4 times stronger than steel
  • Accuracy – Graphite barrel casing is 4-5 times stiffer than steel/per weight
  • Comfort/Mobility – Graphite/epoxy barrel casing is 5-6 times lighter than steel
  • Durability – Graphite barrel casing is 100 percent weatherproof
  • Quality – Graphite barrel lining is match grade 416R stainless steel
  • Longevity – Graphite increases barrel life by approximately 25 percent